SA Automotive Week 2011 Conference

The green machines are coming
Green cars – doom and gloom or a fresh sprig of parsley for the automotive industry? You can decide for yourself at the South African Automotive Week 2011 Conference in August.
The one-day event, precursor to the comprehensive South African Automotive Week in 2012, takes place in East London on 25 August. Delegates will have the option of registering for a number of site visits on 26 August, including: ELIDZ, Mercedes Benz SA, a photo-voltaic cell factory, a wind farm, and the Makana Bio-fuel Project.
The conference theme, ‘Green Machines – Opportunities and threats for the South African Automotive Sector’, is seen as critical to the industry’s development.
The Conference aims to bring the industry to a common understanding of the impact of the global green economy on automotive manufacturing by looking its future direction, scope and speed, as well as opportunities and pitfalls.
It will present case studies around the green plans and projects of OEMs, as well as opportunities for the diversification of manufacturers into the renewable energy boom. From bolts to turbines, the green economy does have its requirements.
Speakers include Dave Powels, MD of Volkswagen SA, and Dr Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota SA Motors.
Good reasons to attend:
• The green economy represents a new way of doing business; we need to know how to read the signs and respond;
• OEMs all have advanced green engines;
• Green regulations are springing up world-wide;
• Lifestyle shift places us at a punctuation point in history;
• Market capitalisation of publicly traded renewable companies doubled from $50bn to $100bn in two years (2005-2007);
• The African market remains largely untapped;
• Opening legislation is fresh; now is the time to get those early mover advantages.
• Research shows that in conjunction with energy efficiency measures, 75% of South Africa’s electricity could be generated by exploiting renewable energy sources by 2050, slashing our CO2 emissions by 54% below 1990 levels;
• With wind, geothermal and photovoltaic energy projects, the total renewable market is expected to reach at least R3 billion a year by 2012.
Partnership packages are available for organisations wishing to sponsor this year’s Conference as well as the 2012 South African Automotive Week.
To register or to find out more, go to or mail or call 0861-101-475.